Sunny Blabs

 I’m Sunny Chanel, the main character in Middle Ageish, Shirley’s novel. Fifty and dating. A lot. Did I have a choice? The woman invented me.
She dated. She wrote. She stuck me in the novel. She even broke my heart.

 There are writers who say their characters have a mind of their own. That the writer sits at the computer and the characters take over. That could be true. Lots of those meets in the novel were the real thing, but who can tell what’s true from truish? I’ve lost track myself. I’ll bet Shirley’s lost track too.

She carried a little notebook to meets, took notes in the toilet stall. Names. Dates. Details.

You wouldn’t believe how many guys I had to meet to keep the story moving forward. Take Bob, for instance. (I called them all Bob. So much less confusing than trying to remember names.) Nice guy, on time for our meet, balding. No big deal. Until he asked me if––no, I can’t tell you. It’ll spoil the story. I’m not supposed to blather.

 Anyway, I’ll bet she can’t remember one Bob from another.
But I can.

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You know how people talk about their lifestyle?

Well, I was at a point where there was little style and not much happening.

And then I began dating.

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