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Blurb for Selkie

On their wedding day, Klaus Lovik’s bride is stolen by an enemy chieftain. He will travel to the ends of the earth to find her, and in desperation, he captures a selkie and uses her as a bartering piece. But the selkie’s magic is powerful enough to drown entire islands, and if he’s not careful, he might find himself in a watery grave.

Mayla Brior is gifted with the power to shed her seal skin, enabling her to walk on land. But when a man robs her of the pelt, she is forced to follow his commands, endangering her skin, and preventing her return to the sea.



Venturing into enemy territory, Klaus and Mayla bond, escalating their relationship into more than adversaries. He realizes his pending nuptials are a dreadful mistake. But it might be too late to choose another path, especially when he knows he has to eventually let her go.

Selkie Excerpt:

Whoever put the hole in the boat clearly wanted him dead.

He eyed the selkie. “It wasn’t you, was it?”

“Me?” she screeched. “I can’t swim in this form!”

“Odin’s horns, woman! You are supposed to be a seal!” 

“Yes, with my pelt.

A frustrated growl escaped him. If he didn’t think of something and fast, it appeared as if they might both drown before they reached dry land.  

He unsheathed his ax and cut strips of cloth from the quilts, and then he stuffed the hole before returning to the task of scooping water out and throwing it overboard. 

He breathed heavily from the exertion, perspiration lining his brow. “How long can you hold your breath?” he huffed. “In the event that we may need to abandon ship.”

Her voice shook with her answer. “An hour.”

“An hour? Are you jesting?”

“No. Can’t you do the same?”

He chuckled humorlessly as he began to toss things out of the vessel. The blankets went first. Then the fishing net. Followed by several horn bowls and spoons. With a grimace, he threw out his bow and arrows next.

The boat continued to fill with water. Saving it was a hopeless endeavor.


Meet the author, Sydney Winward

Tell us about you in a few words. Who are you and what do you write? And, if you were stranded on a deserted island, what three things (besides essentials) would you bring?

I’m a writer of action-packed paranormal and fantasy romance, and a stay-at-home mom and seamstress on the side.

I consider my family an essential  so I’d say loads of fabric, my sewing machine, and my favorite book.

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