Dating Questions for Sunny and Friends

Let’s have a glass of wine and talk: No Movin’  No Shakin’

Is anything happening here? 

I don’t suppose a woman over fifty should be taking the old He’s Just Not That Into You book too seriously. Or maybe I should.

I pulled it off my shelf last night. It’s easy reading and yuck! I saw myself and mistakes I’ve made in the past. Right there in those pages.

So I started wondering how you can tell if he’s interested, especially if you’ve both decided to take it slow. I know this sounds juvenile. I have that I’m in high school again feeling.

I’ve been seeing Bob (his real name, hah, he won’t be reading this) now for two months. But it’s only on weekends, usually Friday or Saturday night. He lives an hour away. I don’t feel that things are progressing, although we talk several times during the week.

Should I be asking some pertinent questions at this point? Like those relationship questions, men usually despise?

Just MaryLou


Skater Dater

I think you should first ask yourself what you want from this man and then go ahead. Ask the hard questions. Once you know what you want, you can go about getting it. Or move on to someone who’ll be able to give you what you need. Good luck!

Sunny Chanel

I’m not being nosy, so I won’t ask if you’ve been intimate. From your posting, it doesn’t sound as if you feel very close to this man, intimate or not. Are you having f-u-n? Skater Dater makes a good point in her response.

So here’s my opinion: date others. He’s taking up either Friday OR Saturday, so there’s room to expand your dating horizons.

Don’t underestimate the power of compatibility. The only way to find out if you get along is to get to know someone better.

Have fun!

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