This is for the guys out there. And ladies, feel free to take a peek. So you’ll know we guys aren’t quite as tough as we’d like you to think. Rejection is our middle name. When it comes to any kind of dating, we’re the ones taking the body blows.

Imagine this: you’re on the dating site, scrolling through all the lovelies. You see her. A great smile and let’s face it, great legs. Who isn’t a sucker for a great pair of legs? As soon as you read her profile, you know you’d like to meet her. (It’s always more than legs; we’re not cave dwellers.) But. You’ve got competition. You’ve got to grab her attention. Stand out from the crowd. Here’s how to do it.

Take the information in her profile and send her—get this—The Top Ten Reasons You Should Meet Me. An example follows. (I’m using Shirley’s main character, Sunny, as my prospective meet.)

Dear Sunny,

I think we could hit it off and that’s not a lot of baloney. Here’s why:

Ten reasons we should meet, not in order of importance. (Apologies to David Letterman.)

  1. I have the energy of a man half my age.
  2. I have TWO fun careers. Kid’s librarian and part time musician. Working with kids keeps me young.
  3. If you Google Washboard Slim and the Bluelights you can see me in action and have an advantage over me. I am the guy playing harmonica.
  4. I can teach you how to swing dance and then we can go hear a great band. And dance.
  5. I once won a contest for my linguine and clam sauce. It was a dueling musician clam-off.
  6. I will do my best to make you laugh. We have to start with fun and friendship.

    Peter Menta is a librarian and musician and offers advice upon occasion. He is single.
  7.  School teachers must behave like adults, well, most of the time.
  8. I am a glass half-full kind of guy.
  9. I try to think of five things I am grateful for everyday.
  10. I agree that the best part of traveling is being there.

Hope we can meet!


That’s my top ten, designed to get a meet. Below, as an example, you’ll see Sunny Chanel’s online dating profile. I used the info in her profile for my list. But, I’ll admit, the first five of my top ten are generic. Numbers six through ten are originals.

They show I’ve read her profile and want to connect with her. It’s not one of those “Someone is interested in you,” robot messages. Huge difference. 

sunnydays@let’          Sunny Chanel Social Media

Moved back to the US after many years abroad, went to graduate school. I speak French. Unafraid of new situations and places. I don’t like traveling so much as being there.  A great sense of humor is perhaps only slightly less important than seeing life from a slightly skewed angle. I’m not interested in someone who’s going through his second or third adolescence.

Unless you can make me laugh and are able to fake being a grown up when the situation calls for it.

The only things that count in life are enjoying a really good bowl of seafood pasta, a few belly laughs, and friends and family along the way. Of course you know I’m only havin’ fun withcha. And I sound like an adolescent mainly because I’m around teenagers most of the day.

Everything else is a bonus. That and a grateful spirit will get you anywhere.

Care to join me?


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