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D.V. Stone talks today about her newest release, Rainbow Sprinkles, a second chance love story. Two people in their middle years who have lost their spouses are starting over. Let D.V. Stone tell you her story and introduce you to her characters in a short scene from the book.

I was in my mid-thirties when I’d divorced and then met my husband Pete. Some things were a little awkward at first. (Check out our wedding photo.) You have to learn new ways to relate to someone. In Gloriana Jones’ case, she is in her late forties and hasn’t been with someone new in over twenty years. One of the things she struggles with is body image. Sometimes we are our own worst critic. Luckily, she has an amazing best friend. Here’s a little peek from Rainbow Sprinkles at what I’m talking about…

Arms crossed over her chest, she stared at her sneakers. “I haven’t been on a date in twenty years.”

“It’s a date, sweetie. Nothing’s changed in that time.” Janet waved a gnat away.

“Tsk. I did.” Gloriana turned and leaned over the rail. She stared into the water. Minnows darted around just under the surface. A blue-green dragonfly caught her attention. Gorgeous creatures. She had a few glass ones hanging in the windows at home. “I changed.”

“Let’s have it.” Janet was tough and persistent. Things that made an excellent Lieutenant and an even better friend. One not afraid to look you in the eye and call bull.

“I’m a woman of—a certain age.”

She could feel Janet’s eyes boring into her. “And?”

“Things aren’t where they used to be.” She took a deep breath through her nose and exhaled. “You should see Nathan. He’s so handsome and in great shape.”

“And you’re beautiful and in great shape.” Her friend turned her to face her. “Seriously? You’re having a confidence crisis?”

“This guy could have any woman.” She averted her eyes. “Someone a lot younger. And what about Frank?”

“Gloriana Jones, you listen to me and listen well.” Uh oh, she got the double name. Janet was fired up. “You are beautiful inside and out. Frank loved you with all his heart. I’m sorry you lost him. But he wouldn’t want you to be alone for the rest of your life.”

When she started to interrupt, her friend wouldn’t hear of it. “Ah, ah, ah. You are going to hear me out. In the years since your husband’s been gone, I’ve seen a lot of guys going gaga over you. You never gave them the time of day. If you’re interested in someone, he must be special. If he’s so special, then he’d be crazy not to fall head over heels for you.”

“You’re something else.” Gloriana pulled the shorter woman into a huge bear hug. “Love you.


Sometimes we need to look at ourselves through someone else’s eyes and perspective and not beat ourselves up when we don’t live up to others’ expectations. I remember at one of my woman’s groups I led. There was a Dove commercial, here’s the link if you want to check it out What is Beauty? The discussion that followed was interesting. Then one woman asked me what I thought about my appearance when I walked into a room. I immediately replied, “I’m the biggest person here.” The shock on her face was almost gratifying. And she replied, “What I see are your kind and sparkling eyes and sweet smile.”

I guess the point of this is. We all have issues. Every teenager picks themselves apart. What age doesn’t wonder if they are too heavy or skinny. As we get older, stuff is not where it used to be. But enjoy who you are. If you’re with the right person, it’s going to be okay.


After the storm come the rainbows.

Rainbow Sprinkles. 

Watch the Trailer for Rainbow Sprinkles!



Retired and widowed Gloriana Jones is forging on with the plans she and her late husband dreamed of—bringing joy and happiness, one ice cream cone at a time, to Lake Unami. But bad weather is drowning her dream. A trip to Upstate NY is bittersweet for Nathan James. He is excited to see his first granddaughter but without his wife he’s lonely. When his car breaks down, he heads to the only light he can see, an ice cream shop. With aid from a heavenly source, electricity sparks, but will the two weather the summer storms and find love a second time? Or will their hopes and dreams melt away?



“Do you mind if I wait until the tow truck gets here?” He plucked the wet shirt away from his chest with the long fingers of one tanned hand. “It must be electrical, even the radio stopped working.”

“No, you’re welcome to hang around as long as you need.” Gloriana riffled through a cardboard box under the counter, pulled out an extra-large t-shirt, and tossed it to him. “Here you go. The restroom is through there.”

Mr. Gorgeous beamed a perfect toothy smile. “Thanks. I’ll be right back.”

When he disappeared into the hallway, and the door clicked shut, Gloriana fanned her face. What the hot fudge was wrong with her? “Coffee. Make coffee.”



About the Author

Hi, my name is D. V. Stone. I am a multi-genre author of two independently published books. Felice, Shield-Mates of Dar is a fantasy romance. Agent Sam Carter and the Mystery at Branch Lake is a mid-grade paranormal. Recently, Rock House Grill was released by Wild Rose Press. I also host Welcome to the Campfire and A Peek Through the Window, both weekly blogs. Here’s a little more about me:

Born in Brooklyn, D.V. Stone has moved around a bit and even lived for a time on a dairy farm in Minnesota before moving back east. Throughout her wandering, she always considered herself a Jersey Girl. She met and married the love of her life, Pete—a lifelong Jersey Man, and moved this time to Sussex County. They live with Hali, a mixed breed from the local shelter and their cat Baby.


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