As Nora Ephron said, “Everything is copy.”

Or else her mother said that. Well, Shirley is no Nora Ephron.

7 Signs He’s Got IT Bad For You And 7 Signs He’s Bad For You

How do you know he's interested?  If a guy really likes you, he wants to be with you. Common sense. But what about in the beginning, before you know if what you have will turn into a relationship. How do you know a man is interested?  At our age, it’s not like you’ll see him in fourth period English. You’re not thrown together after school on the dance committee. Nowadays, we’re hyper aware of everyone’s…

Sunny Blabs

I’m Sunny Chanel, the main character in Middle Ageish, Shirley’s novel. Fifty and dating. A lot. Did I have a choice? The woman invented me. She dated. She wrote. She stuck me in the novel. She even broke my heart. Lots of those meets in the novel were the real thing, but who can tell what’s true from truish? I’ve lost track myself. I’ll bet Shirley’s lost track too. She carried a little notebook to…

6 Reasons To Read About Mediocre Dates

So, why should you bother reading about the not-so-hot times? Most meets are mediocre. Learn what isn’t. Internet dating is a numbers game. Meet two dozen men. Find one. If you’re lucky. Connecting isn’t easy. Your mediocre is someone else’s Honey. Internet dating is a marathon. This is training. You learn something from my mistakes. Every time. Nothing counts. Except The Meet. Nothing.