I’m thrilled to introduce the author of Artist, Ginny Frost. Artist is the last in the Mortar & Pestle series of seven romances.

An artist’s retreat, a thirst to learn more about what she loves doing… an old love. Who knew she’d run into him again? This is not a good time to revisit old wounds. Even if he’s making his interest apparent. 

Before learning more about Artist, I asked Ginny to share her answers to three fantasy questions. What would you do if…?


You have three hours alone. Sometimes, authors are super busy with kids and family. In this scenario, money and kid-sitting are not a worry. 

 A visit to Burlington, Vermont. I’m from the area but have not been in ages. I’d visit the Shelburne museum, the university of Vermont campus (catch a hockey game if it was the right season), hit up the Vermont Teddy Bear Factory, and veg on Lake Champlain for the rest of the time. Oh and I can’t forget fries from Beansie’s Bus in Battery Park. 

You win a cool million (still a respectable sum these days) what would you spend it on? You are NOT allowed to buy necessities/fund the kids’ college tuition. Spend it all. No investing.

    I have to be a little practical. I’d get a new hybrid car in green or blue. I’d stop worrying about all my craft purchases. I love to cross stitch and I think I love buying patterns more than making them. Last, I would travel some. Two bucket list destinations include London and Hawaii. 

With the wave of a magic wand, where will you go for dinner? Anywhere in the world. 

   I like food but I’m not very versed in it. Sadly, I think I would opt for breakfast at Junior ‘s in New York City with a slice of cheesecake for dessert.




Blurb for Artist

Lexi Pintari is stuck in a dead-end cubicle job that is slowly killing her. She tucked away her passion for art when the love of her life ghosted her after college. Witnessing her lack of motivation, Lexi’s best friend drags her to an art retreat for much-needed reflection and inspiration. Though knowing her ex-boyfriend is an artist-in-residence there, Lexi agrees to go. Unfortunately, her metal-goth style and enthusiasm for graphic comics clash with the pastel-scarf-wearing, tea-sipping participants, making her ex the least of her problems.

Cole MacDougall is blocked. His rise to the top of the modern art scene is crushed by a missing muse. He is desperate to paint again, but the canvas remains blank. Due to the shortage of patronage revenue, he is forced to put up with the groupie-students. Until he sees a woman standing out like a sore thumb in ripped jeans and a leather jacket. Lexi. Hope blooms that he can renew his passion through her.

For two weeks, Lexi and Cole work together, discovering what they’ve lost professionally and personally. Will a magical Mortar & Pestle show them how to connect the broken lines and seal their destiny?

Excerpt from Artist


“Lexi rolled on her side, elbow propping her head. “How does it work again?” She blamed her artist mentality for not fully comprehending the idea of the program, but deep down, her stubbornness stopped her from processing the information.

“Maybe if I papered your room with the schedule, would that help? Or better yet, tacked it to your forehead?” Bonnie elbowed her, shoving a paper into her hands.

“Give me the short version.” Lexi rolled on her back, arm over her eyes.

Bonnie sighed and pulled Lexi’s arm away. “We meet the coordinator at nine this morning. We either get a morning or afternoon class session. Chores will rotate every four days. Three hours of classes, lunch, then three hours of chores. The rest is free time to paint, sculpt, or draw.”

Lexi studied the page. “Where’s the computer lab?” She flipped the page over, frowning.

“No computers here.” Bonnie ducked her head. “It’s hands-on.”

Lexi tossed the schedule behind her. “No computers? What? Did they forget digital art is a thing?”

“It’s kinda old-school, Lexi. You’ve used tons of the mediums they have classes for…” She trailed off as Lexi gave her the death stare.


“With our free time, we can create anything we want.”

“Fine.” Lexi worried her lip, eyeing the schedule on the floor. “Will the coordinator lady give us an app for the schedule?” If she didn’t, Lexi could “forget” to do her chores and have more time on her laptop with her drawing app.

“Probably. If not, I’ll put it on your ecalendar with 25 fifteen-minute reminders.” Bonnie grinned, laying a hand on Lexi’s arm.

“Get off.” Lexi wasn’t in the mood for Bonnie’s touchy-feely shit today. “What the hell are you going to do here for two whole weeks?”

Lexi, who had never been without a pencil at hand, couldn’t understand why Bonnie would want to hang out at an art colony. Since they were teens, Lexi chased every art class possible. Every medium, every style.

Bonnie took home economics and worked at a craft store after school.  

In college, Lexi earned a BA in Fine Arts with tons of additional studio hours. She’d kept her degree general but attended classes about everything from graphic design to sculpture.”

“Bonnie squeaked through with a sociology degree and thousands of hours in the local fabric store.

“Why are you here?” Bonnie countered with a giggle.

Lexi closed her eyes again and repeated the mantra Bonnie had forced her to practice for the past few weeks. “Because I need to find my center, discover inspiration, seek my muse. Mostly, I need to get laid.”

Author Ginny Frost’s Biography

Ginny Frost writes contemporary romance with a sexy, funny kick. In her down time, she plays clerk at the local library—the perfect job to feed her reading addiction.

She lives in upstate NY with her very own kindhearted ogre, their two smart and sassy daughters and an evil cat named Flash.

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